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Journalists' Wish List

When journalists were asked what services and resources they wish were offered at their stations, here are some examples of what survey respondents said:

​Mental Health Training

​Counselors, mental health/trauma training meetings

​More mental health sessions, small group/team support groups

​They were keen on group counseling, but each person had their own issues which were quite disparate, so I think more tailored one on one would have been helpful.

​Training by someone who understands our role. We can't stop seeing trauma; it really needs to be how to cope.

​Open and regular communication about the importance of mental health and constant reminders about the access and availability of services to staff.

​On-site counseling during/after events

​A healthy conversation about therapy and how to get it

​Access to these resources would be a good starting point

​Help 24/7 since there are people who work crazy hours and sleep during the day.

​I wish there was a crisis line. So I didn’t have to trauma dump on my desk.

​They have offered an in-house counselor one week which I didn’t get to take advantage of. We need more options, more availability.

​An in-house counselor! I think this would give me and others struggling at times the chance to open up without feeling judged or that his or her position could be at risk for opening up.

​Easier access to a wider range of therapists

​A dedicated counselor that understands the mental strain in this industry.

​A licensed counselor who also knows what it’s like to be in news. Someone to say that, as a reporter, it's ok to feel emotions.

​I honestly think each station should hire a mental health professional that should have an office on-site that journalists can schedule time with. I know that’s unlikely, but I think it would be a utilized resource.

​I think regardless of health plans, a counselor should be available for a couple days at the station after a traumatic event that requires team coverage.

​Three sessions aren't necessarily enough. It would be great if regular counseling was covered by insurance.

​I wish you were allowed 12 (one per month). I think that's a totally manageable and helpful amount of sessions.

​I like the CNN model where it’s mandatory for everyone who has just covered a traumatic event. That takes away any potential stigma or ability to use it against you in hiring/promotion decisions.

​A mental health counselor that meets with each station employee quarterly. Mandatory and all confidential.

​Without asking ... some type of meeting or scheduled meetings … They schedule meetings for us to do training with everything, all the things like how to speak, how to look... why can't you do that with mental health, like make it a requirement.

​I wish they accepted all therapists as opposed to who fits in their network.

​Really it would be easy if we could work with the insurer and the health group they cover to get a list together of counselors we can go to that are covered.

​Mental health services from people who look like me. People who can identify my background and people understand how TV news works.

​Therapist match. I had one bad experience with therapy during my divorce. The agency paired me with someone who had no similarities to me, and after two sessions I never got therapy again.

​I wish the company made it easier to find mental health providers that are covered under my insurance. Out of pocket expenses for counseling services are incredibly discouraging.

​I think mental health care, which doesn't come with a deductible, and you should be able to pick your own provider.

​More time off, flexible hours and schedules

Free mental health counseling. More paid leave for mental health.

​Mental health days. No questions asked.

​I think mental health days off specifically would be really helpful.

​I wish HR/someone would check in with employees directly more. It’s hard to go to your manager and talk about mental health. A third party may make that easier.

​A list of local places to go for help.

​Counseling Anonymous tips / feedback

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