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Want to help Ukrainians?

Want to help Ukrainians? Consider these charities:

- Samaritan's Purse is one organization that has close ties to Ukraine, with more than 3,000 churches across the country that they work with. Now, Samaritan's Purse is providing teams in Poland, Romania, and Moldova the help needed to provide food, shelter, and clothing to those in need.

- Nova Ukraine is a US-based nonprofit focused on supplying humanitarian aid. If you'd like to send clothes, shoes, medicine and other essentials, go to From there, navigate to the "Donate" page and pick "Victims of Russian War."

- Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) is a well-established organization that supplied aid during the Kosovo Crisis in 1999 and in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. GEM and its founder Michael Capponi are currently on their way to Poland with over 20,000 hygiene kits. To help GEM, go to You can give money (via check or wire transfer) or donate supplies.

- International Committee of the Red Cross is on the ground delivering water to hospitals and residents. They are trying to repair infrastructure and dole out food, medicine and hygiene items. If you'd like to support the Red Cross, go to The link provides a Ukraine-specific donation page where you can give a monthly gift or single lump sum.

- The Salvation Army USA is providing food, transportation, baby supplies, and other emergency items in and around Ukraine. Every bit of support makes a difference in this conflict. You can help by visiting


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