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My grandmother reflects on getting COVID-19 vaccine

Right now, seniors across the country are finally getting the opportunity to push up their sleeves and get the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. I spoke to my maternal grandmother, who just received her first dose of the vaccine. She lives in Oklahoma, so I decided to call her up and see how it went.

Here’s their conversation:

Sarah: “So you go your coronavirus vaccine?”

Grandma Addie: “Yes, I got it, and I take the next one February the first.”

Sarah: “Well are you excited? How did it go?”

Grandma Addie: “It was great! They just gave me a shot. I waited 15 minutes and had no kind of reaction, so they let me come home."

Sarah: “So are you feeling excited now that we may be able to see each other in 2021?”

Grandma Addie: “Yes, yes I’m dying to see those kids!”

Sarah: “Well I posted a picture of all of us on Facebook saying you got your vaccine and we can’t wait to see each other, and I said I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we’ve seen her!”

Grandma Addie: “And you know what Sarah, I haven’t hardly been out of this house in that year. I just think it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Sarah: “So how do you pass the time having to stay home all alone all the time?”

Grandma Addie: “Watching game shows!” (Laughing) “Well honey, I’m glad you called me.”

Sarah: “Well I love ya!”

Grandma Addie: “I love you, and I’ll see ya soon!”


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