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Stranger Danger

[STRANGER DANGER] If you're a parent, you definitely want to watch this story! We tested different groups of kids including my own daughter. Watch to see how the different groups did. We worked with a local group, radKIDS - Lake Norman, NC. They currently work in the school systems and are gearing up for their summer camps! Also Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department was on hand to give our kids some great advice at every age, along with what parents need to know! I know we learned sooo much!

Friends of radKIDS – Lake Norman

Karen & David Fisher, nationally certified radKIDS® instructors, have run the local affiliate program Friends of radKIDS – Lake Norman based in Mooresville, NC since 2013. Karen, a stay at home mom since 2009, and David, a local business owner of 25 years, decided to make empowering children their full time jobs. Since radKIDS Lake Norman’s inception, they have helped train over 1500 children their community and surrounding areas of Lake Norman.

RadKIDS is also one of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation's partner programs.

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